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Shooting surf in the backyard with the first light.

by Felipe Silva, Aquachara Visual Studio

February 2024.


It's often difficult to explain to someone who isn't used to this world of water and the sea how pleasurable it is to photograph in the sea, in the water. From the preparations to the sensations experienced, especially that of feeling free.

I agree that photographing at sea is a bit of a stretch, since being at sea in itself is complex enough for most people. You also have to consider positioning for good framing, light analysis, iso, speed, aperture, frame rate...


I'd say it's a whole other world and a unique sensation that everyone with any interest in photography should experience.

Wavey days are always rare in Barcelona. Combining these days with good light can be quite rare, but it does happen.

The day dawned early in the November cold. The cold took a back seat when I noticed a beautiful early light coming through the window. I ended up leaving the house without even looking at the cameras that could have given me a sign of where the best spot of the day would be.


As I cycled past the first option, the conditions didn't seem right and I decided to check out another peak. From a distance I saw some good breaks and it wasn't hard to decide that this would be the session of the day. I'll share the sequence of what happened here in the photographs.

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