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A cycling ride from the heart of Barcelona towards Montserrat.

Many kilometers, but all surrounded by friends and beautiful landscapes. 

Photos by Aquachara Photography & Visuals

The call was made. The idea was to photograph up close a group of strong, experienced cyclists on a serious challenge. Pedaling from Barcelona to the iconic Montserrat riding along back roads and stunning views along the way.

There I went, with only a Fujifilm X100V in hand, no zoom, no other lenses, but with a great desire to do something really creative and documentary of this unique experience.

The heat was the great protagonist, making the already long journey even more difficult and challenging.
It was an extremely enjoyable experience and the images do not deny that there was no lack of fun, beautiful visuals and partnership.

Felipe Silva (Aquachara).


"Two friends decided to organize an Epic Ride for a few crazy road cyclists.

We then created an amazing scenic route all around Barcelona, organized a friend/driver for support during the ride and a photographer. 

Defining a 160km route that is doable for a large and diverse group is not an easy task!" 


Adriano Serff

 "The day arrived, we all gathered to start, and impressively enough, things worked just fine. We had a lot of fun already early in the morning in the first kilometers.Temperature was high but still fine at 6/7am (this is end of June in Barcelona, and there was a heat wave that week). 


Our group kept a good pace throughout the entire day, we were 6am in and temperature rose up to 40 degrees celsius and at this point the group got a little scattered. I, as one of the organizers, was very concerned of the health conditions of all member, all were feeling fine but one - a few kms down the road our support car picked him up to drive him to the final meeting point. As we were approaching the end, we had to make the tough call of cutting one of the most beautiful climbs - that was tough for me, I was personally feeling great but was definitely the correct thing to do for the group! Temperatures were above 45 degrees celsius.As we arrived at the restaurant that was our ending point, some had to leave straight and some of us stayed for lunch and we had a blast.It was a day to remember, a day to repeat. October it is!


Thanks Aquachara Photography & Visuals for such incredible photos. They do capture the camaraderie, fun and tough that we went through that day!"

Adriano Serff

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