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When you need to cool down, there's nothing like a longboard session at dusk.

by Aquachara Photography & Visuals with Eric Tassini


Photographing at sea is something extremely special, even more so when you are photographing someone who has a great connection to the sea.


Even without many words, wave by wave everything fits together and the photographer and surfer get in tune and everything seems to flow in a magical way.

Eric is a versatile surfer with international experience, he surfs with anything that floats, and for this reason he always has fun. Even on a summer day with few small waves. 

Everything has its own time ...


There is so much hurry and urgency that we no longer give time for things to happen, but the sea has the power to slow down thoughts that are almost always out of sync.

Moreover, a summer afternoon spent with the family by the sea reminds us of the real meaning of life.


As a big fan of the slow shutter, I would not fail to take advantage of the plasticity of the longboard to draw with the light, the soft, connected movements of the sea and surfer.

The results were extremely faithful to the moment and the mix of painting and photography done with low camera shutter speeds.

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